We are the home of weekly Cosmic Alchemy Experience, Cosmic Cabaret and the Cosmic Carnival transformational festival. The focus of our practice is Cosmic Alchemy, a unique type of experience allowing us to directly connect to and immerse ourselves in source energy and light -the most empowering and transformative force of the universe.  Tapping into this energy impacts everyone in a variety of ways: – emotionally – creatively – spiritually – physically, etc. – and in particular, however you choose to direct it.    It activates your latent natural abilities.

The experience itself is wonderful, and you feel the residual effects of it long after you’re done meditating.

We are constantly exploring new aspects of metaphysics, coming up with new ideas and creations. This is an ever evolving project, “Kaizen”, and we welcome your participation and collaboration. We hold regular weekly Cosmic Alchemy Experiences as well as other workshops. We offer private meditation sessions, and host metaphysical events, such as Cosmic Carnival.

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