COSMIC CABARET – Awaken The Starseed

REVEL in a thriving magical world of multi-dimensional interactive metaphysical avant-garde theater!

We hear the whispered voice of DESTINY echoing within the solar winds, arousing humanity from slumber… KNOW that the time is at hand to AWAKEN your latent PSYCHIC ABILITIES!

As we coalese and enter this new epoch we SHINE our COSMIC LIGHT, channeling it through our unique gifts, bringing to life those aspects within eachother!

As you JOIN THE EVOLUTION, walking along THE QUEST OF THE ILLUMINATED PATH, your chakras will be stimulated, your KUNDALINI will RISE! Preparing you to enter THE CEREMONY with the FULL power and presence of your BIRTHRIGHT as a STARSEED!!

Loose yourself in the dance, find yourself in the magick!

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$15 – Sold Out
$20 – Sold Out

$25 – Sold Out

$35 – Door

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