Cosmic Cabaret – Blood Magcik


REVEL in a thriving magickal world of interactive multi-dimensional metaphysical avant-garde theater!

A FULL MOON celebration of the DIVINE FEMININE, it’s all about going deep within to the darkest twist and turns of your being to find the sacred knowledge hidden, there in the depths the powerful SHAKTI energy is released and then we truly FLY!!! Empowering your creations, deepest heartfelt desires and the very fabric of the universe itself, with the essence of your being, with your blood! An aspect all women experience that ties us to the Moon, nature, our own intuition and the renewal process! Come celebrate with us, tap into the divine feminine essence we ALL have inside us, and release the SHAKTI!

Dress in your best goddess/god gear that enhances and brings out your unique beauty and power!

Performances (Aerial, Fire Dance, Acro-Dance, Ritual performance art) Live Music and DJ’s, Dancing, Interactive Ceremony, Mystical Experiences, Sound-bath Cuddle Orgy, Raw Cuisine and Elixirs,Tantric Play Lounge, Readings, Live Art, Healers and Massage, Yoga and Acro, Merchants of Magical Items!

Lose yourself in the dance, find yourself in the magick!

 ATTENTION! This is a NEW venue! So make sure you get signed up on the PhenoVibe mailing list AND RSVP on Facebook to get the address and password, and check your messages! The email will specifically say DIRECTIONS IN THE TITLE! Do not got to the business address on the welcome email, wait for the one that actually says Cosmic Cabaret Blood Magick Directions!
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 ONLINE SALES HAVE ENDED! Tickets are now ONLY available at the door.
Door $35