COSMIC CABARET – The Wheel Of Dharma

COSMIC CABARET – The Wheel Of Dharma


REVEL in a thriving magickal world of interactive multi-dimensional metaphysical avant-garde theater!

DHARMA is the TRUTH of existence, the WAY of things, the BEST of all possible ACTIONS! It’s the right place, the right time, the right action, the right way, it’s COSMIC LAW! All things have there OWN truth and way. ALL BEINGS ultimately must find there PERSONAL DHARMA, come to know THE COSMIC DHARMA, and learn its ways!

No one can TELL you WHAT the DHARMA is. You have to see it for YOURSELF. The answers don’t always come easily, don’t be swayed by superficial desires, opinions of people around you, or ideas of what is or is not acceptable. Settle for NOTHING but the ABSOLUTE TRUTH of your being, and COSMIC KNOWING!

Ask yourself… “What is my dharma? What does the universe want from me?” MEDITATE! In the stillness you KNOW if a desire is dharma. In the RADIANT BEAUTY of the LIGHT we SEE what is and is not. The answer is INSIDE YOU!

AS The THE QUEST OF THE ILLUMINATED PATH continues… we take you through THE WHEEL Of DHARMA, where you will encounter wise Sages and mystical Oracles! They will teach you the ways of magic, and help you cast a spell to find your dharma! Or if you already know it… to manifest it as your life! Bring the talismans you received from your adventures at AWAKEN THE STARSEED, and use them in your ritual spell casting! When YOU ARE LIT from within you become a revolutionary! You are truly free! JOIN THE EVOLUTION!

Performances (Aerial, Fire Dance, Acro-Dance, Ritual performance art, Burlesque) Live Music and DJ’s, Dancing, Interactive Full Moon Ceremony, Mystical Experiences, Quest, Raw Cuisine and Elixirs, Naked Fashion Show, Tarot and Astro Readings, Live Art, Healers and Massage, Contact Improve, Merchants of Magical Items!

Lose yourself in the dance, find yourself in the magick!

$15 – Pre-Sales/sold out
$20 – Tier 1/sold out
$25 – Tier 2/sold out
$35 – Door