COSMIC SALON – Mystic Lovers


Cosmic Salon is a gathering of Mystics to socialize with each other, enjoy an amazing gourmet raw food dinner, accompanied by live music and chamber performances. A deep metaphysical meditation, selection of magickal play-shops and plenty of play time doing energy healings, readings, deep conversations and various activities.

This night celebrates LOVE and connection between beings of light! We’ve created a playground for mystical lovers! If your with someone or single and in love with the universe tonight celebrate love in all its forms! A 5 course Gourmet Raw dinner of aphrodisiacs to get your jing energy flowing! Accompanied by sensual and moving performances and amazing live music! Mystical meditation to get you charged up and ready to take off into the realms of light! Energy games and play-shops that bring people together in connection with each other on a metaphysical plain, and with the universe! A Sound Bath to really get you vibrating at a high frequency, and ecstatic dance to express all those glorious feelings and get your heart pounding!