COSMIC CABARET – Penetrating The Veil

Enjoy a thriving magical world of interactive multidimensional avant-garde theater!

If you want to PENETRATE THE VEIL you need to get your power up by embracing your most natural primordial instinctual self, and merge it with your higher multidimensional nature to direct it into the light! The perfect superhuman highbrid of heightened instinctual awareness, with an intuitive 6th sense and ethereal nature! To symbolize this, we want everyone to WEAR HORNS! And wear your most magical NEW AGE BLING to symbolize your ascension into the higher dimensional realms! So don your horns and run wild through the realms of light beauty and ecstasy!!

BE PART OF THE CEREMONY! FEEL the magick, DRINK in the essence, be vibrationally ELEVATED, CONSECRATED in the sage and PURIFIED by fire! ENTER THE VORTEX and see how deep you can go inside the hidden realms of light to find your inspiration!

Performances – Live Music and DJ’s – Sound Bath – Mystical Experiences – Ceremony – Elixir Bar – Raw Cuisine – Live Art – Readings – Energy Healers and Massage – Naked Fashion Show – Tantric Lap Dances – Merchants!

Lose yourself in the dance and find yourself in the magick at Cosmic Cabaret™!


Door – $35


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