COSMIC CARNIVAL – The 5th Element

A 3 day adventure through a magical fantasy land, and the very fabric of reality itself!! An interactive immersive theater adventure where magic, music, whimsy and art dance together!! We play with your mind, make love to your heart, dance with your body, and take your soul for a ride! Nothing is certain in this realm composed of 5 elemental realities, and the human element of course, accept that your world will be forever altered!


TO ALL SEEKERS! Be a part of our TREE of LIFE INTERACTIVE ART PIECE we call THE QUEST of PORTALS!! Where art, play and deeply woven magic are one! Begin by seeking the Temple Oracle…

Find sanctuary at the temple, where all the doors to the energy realms are wide open! Gaze into the eyes of the TEMPLE ORACLE, and you may be granted passage to the ethereal realms, where your souls needs are always met. So dream big!!

Find your way to the WILDWOOD stage, nestled in the wilds of nature, the domain of the Faye and magical beings that dance in that energy. This stage is all about avant-garde theater experience! Hosted by EFFLORECENCE and the EARTH ORACLE, his Sages and elemental spirits! But dont eat the fruit of the trees from that land, or you might just forget who you are and stay there forever!

Get drawn into the magnetic alchemy of fire and water colliding in sensual embrace on the ALCHEMY stage! Epic performances mixed with our musical giants getting you all hot and bothered! Sweat it up dancing all night, or relax at the tea and hookah lounge. Remember to talk to the FIRE and WATER ORACLES if you want to have your wishes granted when you get to the temple!

Wander to the CLOUD stage, where your imagination runs wild exploring the labyrinth of your own mind! Talk to the AIR ORACLE about life the universe and everything, and she will lead you in the right direction. Float through the clouds enjoying the music, or fly free in the sky!

Your path will cross the gypsy camp where they have all manor of goods and services for sale, and the VAGABOND stage! A place to hear live music and silly antics, but careful or you might get pulled in, you have to watch out for those gypsies!


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