Cosmic Continuum: Keeping the Magick Alive

The quest continues as the tribe gathers to decompress after a truly Cosmic Carnival in the Forest!

If you loved experiencing the magic at Cosmic Carnival ― or wish you had ― come get some! We’re making more! Serving up some hot tantra yumminess, with a side of ritual magic! If you missed the quest, we’re making a mini one for you to manifest your dreams! We saved all your dream leaves, and will add new ones made during the night as we send them to the ether in a burn ceremony later in the evening!

We’re getting deep with source meditations, opening ceremony and yoga! Taking the sexy next level with a lap dance auction, tantric peep show followed by tantric soul sex play-shop, and of course Naked Fashion Show!

Delicious raw food that will satisfy your hunger and will lift you up for all the physical fun, like contact improv and ecstatic dance to your favorite DJ’s and live music!

Reconnect! Request! ReVibe!

Cosmic Continuum: Keeping the Magic Alive

Saturday, July 11th, 2015