12 week program designed to further integrate your metaphysical abilities with your Dharmic path!
1. You will clearly formulate what you want to do and get to the heart of what makes you feel the most alive!
2. You will learn to formulate your offering into a viable income source.
3. You will create a customized personal practice designed to help you stay in healthy condition and still take your path to the next level! This is absolutely essential to doing any kind of energy work or you will burn yourself out! We want to evolve into super magical beings with this, so you need to not just survive, you need to THRIVE!
4. You will create a basic business plan to get you started and put it into practice during the program! You will have the full support backing and promotional power of PhenoVibe. And If you so desire, we will help you integrate it with PhenoVibe events, activities and other certified professionals to help cross pollinate and promote your business! This is essential to getting your most dedicated clientele!
5. This phase is absolutely essential to the process of the teacher training! This is REQUIRED before moving on to the specific techniques of teaching people how to go into light! You must be totally grounded in your own personal practice and secure in your darmha and in your ability to be in the world with it! A stable financial base is VERY important if you are going to be powerful in this culture. Otherwise its cool to go to a monastery or off into the woods or something like that. But these days its hard to find anywhere humans and there shenanagins don’t affect you directly, so best to figure this out now with cosmic light family to help you!
Cant wait to get started on this level with you! Its a very exciting time, as this is when you really start developing your power! YAY!!
$300 up front
$125 a month, if paid monthly ($375 total)
$35 a week, if paid weekly ($420 total)