The PhenoTribe is our extended family of mystics, energy workers, and light beings! We all work together to make the world a more beautiful and magical place by supporting each others journey deeper into the realms of light. And collaborating synergisticly as we channel that light in to our individual Dharmic paths. 


A directory of our certified SOURCE MEDITATION TEACHERS, who have completed the practitioner, professional and teacher training courses! These powerful light beings can teach you how to experience higher dimensional source energy. You will actually see it as light of various colors, fluid shifting multidimensional reality, past lives and all manor of phenomena!


A directory of businesses owed and operated by PhenoVibe certified metaphysical practitioners, professionals and teachers! Guaranteed to bring that mystical magical element your looking for.


Certified metaphysical professionals have completed the METAPHYSICAL PROFESSIONAL course, and integrated source energy deep into there Dharmic path. Creating there own unique magical practice that takes them deeper into the light, and brings that light in to the world and to others. Feel free to peruse  our directory of gifted METAPHYSICAL PROFESSIONALS guaranteed to bring more light into your project and life.


Certified practitioners have completed our METAPHYSICAL MASTERY-Level 1 course. This assures that they have learned how to tap in to source energy at will, and channel it into the foundational aspects of there everyday life. They have everything they need to expand this into whatever they chose to, and the possibilities are infinite! They may also have completed courses in specific level 2 and up skills, this would be listed in there profile.



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