All our Metaphysical Practioners have completed the Metaphysical Mastery- Level 1 course (some have continued on to complete further levels, and this will be indicated in there profile). This teaches us to see energy,  connect to higher dimensional energy, visit higher dimensional realms and channel that energy into various aspects of life. Time, space, dimententionality and physicality. Here are a few of there skills…various meditation techniques, tapping into the elements, power days, power places, making sacred space, Dharmic practices, Karma the mind and spell casting, physical conductivity, divination, empowering objects, emphatic communication and cultivating your inner circle. We guarantee that all our practitioners are gifted mystics and skilled metaphysical practitioners. Select a name to read a detailed profile of our practitioners.

Alexandra Poole

Sheri Wilson

Miłosz Karubin

Francesco Carter

April Flowers

Terrence Stone

Ray Grossman

Adam Wes