Measurements:  Height: 5’ 10”; Weight: 170; Shoe: 12; Shirt: M; Inseam: 32”

Skills: Fire-Sword, Fire-Staff, Fire-Cane, Dance, Acrobatics, Bass Guitar & Singing.

Background Experience:   Working as a Bassist & Singer in several Metal bands, Milosz decided to expand & explore with acting & modeling, always pushing deeper into authentic expression through every medium. Being really into perfecting his body with diet & training, he transitioned into dance & acrobatics, all of which lent itself perfectly to fire & circus performing.  All the while he was constantly experimenting with costumes & character work the Renaissance Faire, post-apocalyptic events & anywhere that he had an opportunity to do something involving unique character work. The culmination of all this experience is what drives Milosz to inject so much energy, character & discipline into everything he sets his mind on. Always balancing reality & fantasy, on the edge of his double sided axe, he dances with the wind into the future.

Loves & Interests:  Milosz figured out early on that a master knows not the difference between work and play, so he always aims to go after his passions.  He definitely loves technology & the amazing way it allows us to do more things than we could have imagined not too long ago. He is constantly experimenting with gadgets, gizmos & computer skills. With that being said, his favorite place to be is in nature.  As far away from civilization as possible.  Going back to his shamanic tribal roots, connecting with his energetic essence.  Being born at home in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains of Poland (during a revolution that his family had an active part in), he was raised exploring the wilderness of America & now takes every opportunity possible to travel around the world.

Music has always been a huge catalyst for Milosz’s inspirations of life, and sometimes the place he seeks refuge from it.

An obvious pleasure of his is pushing his bodies physical limits, and exploring new ways of expressing himself with it, through mediums such as dance, circus and music.


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