Born and raised south of France Lola has a passion and innate connection for horses that started at early age. 

From Show Jumping to Event competitions, it led her to become a professional horse racer (jockey) that gave her the ability to travel all around the world.

Until a tragic race horse accident happened on the 12/21/12 that she experienced by interpretative dream the night before.

It was the mark of a spiritual awakening, psychic abilities, and self realization.

Source meditation has drastically been changing her life for the best had helped her ground and realize what she was doing with her life.

Source meditation helped her braking over 10 years old patterns, realize how powerful and magic life can be, that we are on this planet to live our dream awake, connect and create a better world together.

She decided to take a path to become Holistic healer/Meditation facilitator from then.

Lola has recently started to perform fire dancing/spinning for live events and is working on a project that goes along with horses and performances!

Lola_Headshot   Lola




 Jesse. P: 

The deep breaths were very calming and helped still my mind. I experienced an energy / a lift flow through my crown and third eye a resonator through me, things started to blur around her eyes, her nose was barely noticeable, a reminder of how illusive this reality is. Like a dream but with more inertia. Thanks for the beautiful experience! 



My experience was a deeply present connectivity with her energy on a level that I don’t access consciously very often. There was a peacefulness that came over my body and a resistance in my eyes from connecting. Following my breath and the heartbeat helped me to open to an experience of my energy expressed through Lola in a white body with an orange glow.

no name :

at first everything on her face started blurring, most of her face and body became a dark shadow beside her left eye. I started feeling a little afraid, then her face became very old in appearance. Eventually her body was completely dark and had a few light stem/fractal shapes in it.

The second time when I was gazing with her the blurring started to occur much more quickly. Her face shifted through many different features and ages. Sometimes even appeared as a skull.

At one point her face took on the appearance of my face and it felt like I was staring in the mirror, then her entire form became completely smoking dark and any detail on her face blurred out.

It seemed for a second that she completely disappeared. When she was gazing at the other person after a few minutes, i had a huge wave of bliss and my eyes crossed. It felt like some kind of deep information was transferred to me.

Olivier. H:

My experience was very self reflective. As my eyes softened, so followed my facial muscles.

Everything on your face dissolved into light.

The sacred circuit which connects us all became apparent and my eyes were filled with an even abundant light with rippled inward from all directions.

Thank you so very much for doing this work to remind us that we are one. 

Matthew. B:

When I was able to clear my mind while focusing on my breath your aura became so radiant that all I could see was your left eye and geometry around.

Ned. F:

I noticed a vibration with the movement of you Aura. A wavy pink is a color I experienced.

I found myself wanting to draw and saw many waves surrounding your eye.


So easy to connect with, I felt and saw my own emotions in your eyes. You haven’t experienced these feelings but you were connected to how they felt. Everything around was clear and your face was darker beside your eyes.

Thank you for the divine connexion

Love you! xx  

Danny. F :

Thank you Lola, It was a really great and eye opening experience.

There were moments that were negative and even more with overwhelming positive.

The experience grew more and more intense as we continue meditating the more I became ”lost” in it the more the ”space around” shrank. For a moment I perceived sadness which threw me off, mad my eyes feel glassy and I realized this was just a projection from my mind. What was an uncomfortable moment became very comfortable at the end.

Thanks for the experience!

John. L:

I have meditated with Lola several times. Each experience has been great and fulfilling. It provides me with a sense of freedom and relief. The experience will open your eyes to new perspectives on life. My description of my experience is quite vague, and only because it is an experience that can’t be fully expressed with words, like falling in love, or having an orgasm.


I experienced my energies fluctuating, going way up and back down again. It was a wonderful feeling. I could see Lola becoming luminescent and see her aura glow. My spirit animal was also making itself visible to me. 


I had a real calm feeling at first but after a few deep breaths I felt a strong energy in my heart that I’m still feeling and very soon Lola’s face got distorted with a white light that sort of morphed your face into a sort of wild animals. I could see a light aura her. Very peaceful


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